We are not just a digital agency.

We are ‘Superheroes’! We create digital, marketing & branding solutions that makes businesses & brands stand out at all cost.

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My name is David Segun Moses, & I'm the Founder / Lead Strategist here at Digikube Media. Born from the passion to see businesses express their story in an excellent and unique way, thereby evolving into solid brands with customers that'll be loyal for life, Digikube Media was established in April 2017, with just one mission; to offer businesses solutions out of the 'Kube' (Cube - A Perfect Box), that'll give them an excellent image through online branding solutions, and an excellent voice through digital marketing solutions. Ever since then, I and the entire Digikube Media team, have helped businesses to think outside the box and curate amazing web presences, creatives, and online ad campaigns that generate sales, and also builds their brands online.

Over the past 36 months, we have been privileged to work with a good number of startups, as well as top brands behind the scenes, to further propel their businesses to their ideal target audiences, through our various digital branding and marketing solutions.

At the core of our services is our love for great branding. Great branding evolves a business from being just a corporate entity to becoming an empire of loyal customers for life. 👌🏼💯

David Segun MosesFounder / Lead Strategist - Digikube Media
Digikube Media Team
We Set The P.A.C.E.!

Our Company Values

Prompt Delivery

We don't just keep to deadlines, we beat them!

Amazing Support

You'll definitely be wowed by the great support from our team!


Creativity is our core. It's what we breathe here!


Our goal is simple; to make your jaws drop & eyes pop!

What Fuels Our Passion?

We love what we do.

We know our onions well.

Our Superhero spirit.

We Believe In Team Spirit. We Are Professional; We Are Social.

Here at Digikube Media, our excellence & creativity is deep-rooted in our strength as a team. This gives us the ability to leverage on over 20+ years of combined experience, to deliver exceptionally on any project. We also are professional and know how to keep attention to little & intricate details. In the same vein, we are social and know exactly how to keep our team superhero spirit tops at all times!

Meet Our Team

We Are A Team Of Bright Spirited & Highly Creative Minded Individuals

David S. Moses

Founder / Lead Strategist

David Segun Moses is a smart, creative & jovial guy. His love & passion for creativity always drives him to the edge to curate amazing solutions. He is a skilled website developer, graphics designer, video editor, digital marketer, eCommmerce pro, salesperson & branding specialist. He is also a visiting On-Air-Personality on various tech radio shows, as well as a facilitator at various tech events. He's currently the Founder and Lead Strategist at Digikube Media.
Okechukwu Uche

Okechukwu Uche

Social Media & PR Manager

Okechukwu Uche is a bright spirited and creative-minded guy. He's a professional PR & Media Executive, as well as a social media management specialist. He is also a professional fashion designer and fashion consultant, and a great social networker. He is currently the PR & Social Media Manager at Digikube Media.
Toyosi Adegunle

Toyosi Adegunle

Marketing & Communications Manager

Toyosi Adegunle is a bright spirited and creative-minded lady. She is a Media & Communications Executive, hairstylist, creative writer, and YouTuber. She's highly passionate about career growth and loves volunteering/partnering with organizations to promote social change. She's currently the Marketing & Communications Manager at Digikube Media.
Korede Alao

Korede Alao

Marketing Intern

Korede Alao is a bright spirited and jovial guy. He is highly passionate about sales and marketing, as well as being an active part of storm or brand activation campaigns.He is currently a Marketing Intern at Digikube Media.

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